Five Things You Didn't Know About Valentine's Day


Thus With A Kiss, I Die

In fair Verona of Italy, where fictional lovers Romeo and Juliet lay their scene, over a thousand letters are addressed to Juliet each year on Valentine’s day.

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Australian Roses

Buying a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day in New York City is a rather costly affair, setting you back approximately US$80 a pop. But even then, the famous NYC is only number three when it comes to the most expensive cities in the world to buy roses, with Australia topping the list at about US$100 for every dozen.

Most Expensive

Yet, US$100 for a dozen roses measures meagerly against the world’s largest roses – for those who love grand gestures. The exotic flowers, which are cultivated in the lush mountains of Ecuador at 2,800 meters above sea level, can reach heights of almost 5-feet tall, and cost around US$9000 for a bouquet of 1000.

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Grand Gestures

Too cool to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Not for a lot of people, it seems – according to a survey by the National Retail Federation, the popular gift-giving occasion expects to have American consumers spending at least US$136.57 on average, or about US$18.2 billion in total, where the top three planned purchases include candy, cards and a romantic evening out.


Haven’t Got a Date? Don’t despair, there is a holiday specially dedicated to singles titled ‘Singles Awareness Day’, or… ‘SAD’. The lesser known holiday, which serves as an alternative to Valentine’s Day, gathers single people who celebrate singlehood and independence.

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