Guide: The Art of Cigar Smoking

Smoking cigarettes may be a fleeting shuffle of six-minute sticks, but therein lies an art form in smoking a cigar…


The art of cigar smoking is a veritable skill – a languid luxury if you will, reserved for the posh confines of lounges and upscale bars patronized by gentlemen trading secrets and great conversation.

A cigar, as any true connoisseur would tell you, is a world away from the humble cigarette. Save for the subtle size difference and tiny price gap, there are many ways a tough cigar separates itself from the dainty cigarette. A lot like fine wine, a cigar ages gracefully with time as it develops into complex, flavorful bursts you can savor thoughtfully. You wouldn’t really call someone a cigarette connoisseur now, would you? That’s because the art of smoking cigar is not a habit, and certainly not a smoky string of six-minute sticks.

Now, to indulge in said art, or at least embark on its excellent beginnings, calls for some careful guiding:


Let Your Palate Develop

If you’re fresh to the scene, stick to moderately priced cigars until your palate settles and you really start to appreciate the good stuff. It also helps to start on the mild side, since going straight for the full-bodied ones might engulf the newbie, and potentially put them off. It gets pretty straightforward when you buy cigars. Like a lot of things in life, you usually get what you pay for, but trust us on this – save the extravagant smokes for more discerning taste buds.

Leave it to the Fine Tobacconists

When buying a cigar, it’s a good idea to drop by a fine tobacconist. You could get a cigar from any standard tobacco shop, but a specialized tobacconist is something else. Given their wealth of knowledge, these tobacco gurus are the people you want to buy your cigars from, especially if you need guidance and recommendation. From theory to form and texture to taste, there’s always something to learn from these knowledgeable souls.


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