Check Out the Most Expensive RVs for that Luxurious Road Trip

eleMMent Palazzo, $3 Million

This swanky motorhome is like a condominium on wheels – not only does it look like a futuristic dream, its interior comes as a plush setting with a master bedroom, a cool bar area and a spacious kitchen. There is even a retractable rooftop and a wireless command center! Its 510bhp diesel engine also allows the RV to reach up to an impressive 93mph. No need for a night at some fancy hotel with the equally fancy eleMMent Palazzo.

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Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus, $2.5 million

Image: Featherlite coaches

The interior of this RV might leave you confused. You might forget that you are actually in a motorhome and believe that you are in the living room of a gorgeous mansion – indeed, it is hard to believe otherwise given a handsome interior adorned with Swarovski crystals dazzling in the ceiling and an array of lavish furniture and décor including pearlized Italian leather. There is even a garage slide-out compartment on its side body to accomodate your Ferrari California T, in case you need to bring it along on your road trip.

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Will Smith’s ‘The Heat’

Image: Anderson Mobile Homes

The Men in Black actor affectionately calls his unique ride “The Heat”. Indeed, this two-storey beast is one of the largest motor homes ever built, and also the most customized yet. Spanning an impressive 1,200 square foot, this mobile home runs on a record 22 wheels, with its interiors furnished with over $30,000 worth of leather and some 14 TV screens in case the other one was too far away. The one-of-a-kind RV is currently owned by Will Smith, so you can’t get it anywhere else.

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