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Last updated: August 2014

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MB&F MusicMachine 2 Gunmetal for Hodinkee

The result of the second collaboration between the folks at MB&F and premium mechanical music box specialists at Reuge,...

Syncretism by Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos weaves images from disparate art genres into a single painting

The Waking Hours

Martha Fleming-Ives documents her father's struggle with depression in a touching photographic series

Save The Date: Hedi Slimane Presents 'Sonic' Exhibition

Get ready to book your ticket to Paris. Come September 2014, The Foundation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent will presen...

Christopher Schulz's Shark Gun Sculptures

The brilliantly warped mind of artist Christopher Schulz has come up with these 3D metal sculptures, fusing sharks (and...

Paintings made from melted ice cream

Othman Toma turns melted sweet treats into beautiful artwork

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