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Last updated: February 2016

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Oprah Winfrey Tweets About Bread, Makes $12.5 Million

A single tweet about bread reportedly earns Oprah Winfrey over $12 million.

4 artefacts from 'Treasures of the World' exhibit in Singapore

Here are four indispensable artefacts at the quarter-long exhibition from the British Museum, that’s now in Singapore.

Montegrappa Dalí Geopoliticus Child

Montegrappa presents the third pen in its series inspired by Salvador Dalí’s masterpieces.

Designer Red Packets You Can Get While Shopping

Your red packets can be a lot prettier than the economy.

"Envision" presents 13 larger-than-life artworks in Singapore

The exhibition, titled Envision, made its debut as part of Singapore Art Week, and will run till April.

Singaporean performance artist wins Joseph Balestier Award

Best known for his “Yellow Man” series, Lee Wen is one of the pioneers of performance art in Singapore.

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