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Last updated: September 2014

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Trending Meow: Sanrio Confirms Hello Kitty Is A Cat (Sort of)

Stop whatever you're doing right meow. Earlier today, the Internet got into a frenzy when a series of shocking revelati...

Destroyed Houses by Marjan Teeuwen

Artist Marjan Teeuwen uses debris from old buildings to construct multilayered installations

Head In The Clouds: In Conversation With Ho Tzu Nyen

We speak to Singaporean artist Ho Tzu Nyen, whose video installation The Cloud of Unknowing makes it first full showing...

New Site-Specific Paintings by Pejac

Pejac is back with his whimsical designs on the streets of Paris

MB&F MusicMachine 2 Gunmetal for Hodinkee

The result of the second collaboration between the folks at MB&F and premium mechanical music box specialists at Reuge,...

Syncretism by Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos weaves images from disparate art genres into a single painting

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