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Last updated: July 2014

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Metamorfoza by Ino Zeljak

Ino Zeljak 'stitches' portraits together in an exploration of relationships

Intricate lace patterns against urban spaces

Artist NeSpoon crafts jewels in the most unexpected place

Oran Vase by Lalique

First created by René Lalique in 1927, the Oran Vase (also known as the “Gros Dahlias” vase), has now been re-released ...

China produces knock-offs of Jeff Koons' “Balloon Dog”

China’s biggest e-commerce site Alibaba is now peddling stainless steel dog manufactured by VLA Sculpture to replicate ...

Abandoned mall in Bangkok taken over by Fish

Jesse Rockwell captures the world’s most amazing accidental fish pond

Crowd by Justine Blau

Justine Blau examines the incredible relationship between people and space

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