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Last updated: February 2016

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Last of the current Land Rover Defender is built in Solihull

Land Rover celebrated 68 years of history as the last of the current Defenders was produced at its famous Solihull prod...

Escape from a sinking car

Experts say staying calm and keeping a window breaker tool in your vehicle can help you escape.

Rugged Comfort: Land Rover Discovery 4

The Discovery’s biggest gains are found inside. If the exterior is an evolution, then the interior is almost a revoluti...

Limited Slip Differential Explained

The limited slip differential, or LSD, is a classical mechanical device that relies on friction clutches.

200mph Jaguar F-TYPE SVR is Coming Soon

Here’s what happens when you take the F-TYPE R and give it to Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations.

Modified Lamborghini Gallardo

Wide and black as night, this Lambo packs an attitude.

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