7132 Silver Restaurant’s Sven Wassmer Picks Up Second Michelin Star


A mere thousand inhabitants live in the village of Vals of the Grisons Alps, but in their midst lies a charismatic chef redefining the art of Alpine cuisine.

Sven Wassmer of 7132 Hotel’s Silver Restaurant would personally collect mushrooms and valleys around Vals, and search through Vietnamese night markets for special ingredients from small, family-run farms. Of course, the region’s local dishes are not without the spirit of international flavor, traditionally inspired by strong Italian and Austrian influences.

Back in 2015, the young native of Fricktal managed to sweep up 17 GaultMillau points and a Michelin star for the Swiss "Discovery of the Year". Fast forward to 2016, and the chef continues to steal the hearts of professional taste testers, earning his second Michelin star.

"For 2017 too, our team of independent and anonymous Michelin inspectors has once again confirmed the high standard and extraordinary diversity of gastronomic offerings one can find between Geneva and St. Gallen, Basel and Lugano," says Michael Ellis, international director of the Michelin Guide.

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Wassmer describes himself like a Swiss watch – accurate and precise, like his cuisine. He takes his inspiration from nature as he crafts one-of-a-kind culinary experiences, such as his exciting 12-course menu that is accompanied with the excellent recommendations of his wife Amanda Wassmer Bulgin, head sommelier.

"Switzerland ranks as one of the most richly diverse culinary regions in Europe,” says Ellis. “It boasts an almost unrivaled density of classical French restaurants whose traditional cuisine rests on excellent ingredients. And then there are a host of establishments that serve modern and innovative dishes to their guests. This extraordinary variety is equally reflected in the extensive list of Michelin stars."

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