Dine in the Heavens with Santa Claus!


Have you ever dreamed about sitting in Santa’s sled as he rides through the sky dropping presents down chimneys? Well, that can now be a reality for you – although, instead of just sitting, you will be dining in the skies, over the Brussel’s twinkling Christmas lights.

As per "Dinner in the Sky", "Santa in the Sky" comes as a festive twist for the novel experience that has diners up in the air on an open platform suspended from a construction crane. This weekend brings a thrilling experience as the sleigh transforms into a makeshift ‘restaurant’, drawn through the skies by a herd of reindeer.

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Diners will be strapped to chairs for safety, as they eat at a bar which runs around the open kitchen. As the table starts to lift by the crane, an adventure of a lifetime begins. Options start at US$58 for high tea, or approximately US$265 for a four-course supper and wine. The experience allows you to savor some fantastic haute cuisine, courtesy of distinguished chefs including some with Michelin stars, whilst admiring the grandeur of the Flemish Renaissance or mediaeval churches.

Of course, chef Maxime Mazier concedes that the challenge was coping with wintery gusts, especially at night. "It's not that warm," said Mazier. "Just as you're serving, if the wind gets up, for the fish, which has to be served just right, it's the timing that's important."

Better pile on the wintery clothes, then.

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