This is Now the World's Most Expensive Sneaker


With a retail price of $20,000, co-Founders of Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) and identical twin brothers Adam and Ryan Goldston have launched what is said to be the most expensive sneaker in the world.

The company strives towards introducing new innovations and techniques with its groundbreaking products, and this sneaker sets out to be no different. Made from crocodile skin and painted in 24K gold, this glistening pair is not just noteworthy for its exorbitant framework, but the fact that no sneaker has ever been made with such a material.

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Only up to 20 pairs of these made-to-order sneakers will be produced worldwide, though, with the price paid upfront and entirely, before waiting out the lead time of about 12 weeks. Look out for the company’s website, where the sneakers will eventually go on sale. If not, the sneakers are available at Dubai’s Level Shoe District.

“It’s been over a two-year process for us to come up with the concept ‎and ultimately bring to market the crocodile painted with 24K gold,” said the Goldston brothers in a joint statement. “This is an exciting product introduction for us because it shows we can create product that sits at the very top of the market in terms of price and quality. This shoe is the epitome of luxury performance and we’re glad to introduce something the world hasn’t seen before.”

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