[VIDEO] How to Fold Pocket Squares: The Rose Fold

Pocket squares make timeless additions to the classic suit and tie, adding that noteworthy edge to an otherwise inconspicuous outfit. Stand out from the crowd with a deceptively simple accessory, folded to perfection, showcasing your eye for detail and penchant for style.

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Aside from improving the depth of a suit jacket’s versatility, pocket squares are fascinating pieces that are subtle yet potent expressing personal expression in innumerable ways. Whether you are going for a classic fold, à la the Presidential Fold, or a more complicated number, each piece requires some practice and highlights the beauty of individual tastes.

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There are no lack of pocket square folds you can do, running the gamut from casual to formal, and you will look equally dapper at a Black Tie event as you would a friend’s dinner party.

In this series, Prestigious Bespoke Boutique Manager Alvin demonstrates how to achieve the perfect pocket square, starting with the glamorous Rolls fold. The intricate looking Rose Fold is not nearly as complex as it looks. “It’s one of my favourite folds,” Lin tells us. “It is artistic, elegant and looks really complex, but it’s a really simple fold.”

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