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Interview: Coral Gill for The Macallan

In 2014, the creation of Edrington SEA provided Coral Gill with a new...

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Hartmann brings its solidly made yet elegant travel offerings to Hong Kong. We...

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As 2015 gets going, we find ourselves under some pressure to commit on...

Review: Amandari Resort

We boldly go where many have gone before, Amandari in Bali, and emerge...

Profile: Omega De Ville Trésor

Welcome to the current stop on the Omega Co-Axial horological adventure, the Trésor...

Profile: The Art of the Trench

Burberry brings the Art of the Trench to Hong Kong with a glamorous...

Creator and Creation: Chef Luke Mangan

Luke Mangan showcases his experience as a culinary expert through his own brand...


  • Review: Amandari Resort
    We boldly go where many have gone before, Amandari in Bali, and emerge refreshed and enlightened about what makes it so appealing
  • Review: McLaren 650S
    We push the new low-slung, open-top McLaren to its road limits and finds nothing to fault in this high-performance dream machine.
  • Review: Nur, Hong Kong
    Chef Nurdin Topham brings his concept of nourishing gastronomy to Hong Kong diners in a venue that might raise some eyebrows...
  • Review: SanLorenzo SL96 Special Edition
    Built for the Chinese luxury boating market, the Sanlorenzo SL96 cuts a commanding figure on the waves, inside and out and whatever the weather.
  • Review: Mercedes-Benz S-Class
    Stylish sportiness and sensual forms in synthesis with timeless clarity and effortless superiority make the new S-Class a true icon
  • Review: Alila Villas Uluwatu and Alila Villas Soori
    A popular destination like Bali can have certain drawbacks, namely slovenly designs, unending clichés and madding crowds. The delightful Alila Villas offers none of the above.
  • Review: Comfort by Harlan Goldstein
    We would not expect comfort food from Chef Harlan Goldstein and that is not exactly what his most recent venture, Comfort, is about. The curry dish we selected to open this story says it all really...


  • Interview: Coral Gill for The Macallan
    In 2014, the creation of Edrington SEA provided Coral Gill with a new opportunity as Regional Brand Director, Asia Pacific, India and Global Travel Retail. She talks to us about The Macallan, the Masters of Photography series, 'The Six Pillars' and more
  • Creator and Creation: Chef Luke Mangan
    Luke Mangan showcases his experience as a culinary expert through his own brand of Australian cuisine at the newly refurbished Salt Grill & Sky bar in Singapore.
  • Interview: Ivana Wong
    Over the past three years, Ivana Wong has morphed from a mellow songwriter known for her romantic ballads into a multi-hyphenated artist. She tells us about her newfound passion for acting, her appreciation of the arts and finding the touching moments in life.
  • Interview: Anais Jourden Mak
    There’s a buzz about young Hong Kong designer Anais Jourden Mak that extends beyond our shores to Paris, where she studied and presents her label, Jourden, at fashion week. We pin down a rising star who usually likes her clothes to do the talking.
  • Interview: Donnie Yen
    At 50, Donnie Yen is as active as ever, with a second epic film, Iceman, to come on the heels of his turn as The Monkey King – a smash-hit on the mainland – and the chance to step into – and outdo – Chow Yun-fat’s kung-fu shoes in Crouching Tiger II. The actor, director, family man and boss of a new production company certainly has plenty to celebrate. He clinks champagne glasses with us.
  • Creator Profile: David Mason for Anthony Sinclair
    We chat with Anthony Sinclair's Creative Director, David Mason, about James Bond and British bespoke tailoring.
  • Creator Profile: Cindy Chao
    Taiwan’s Cindy Chao, whose jewels are breaking records at auction, is moving her base to Hong Kong for further international reach. We admire her artistic approach to jewelry design.

Fact Files

  • Fact File: Coffee
    This frothy dark libation is a beloved morning staple for many. We examine the finesse and flair that goes into your mug of coffee
  • Guide: Chocolate for Connoisseurs
    Chocolate—of the finest quality—is spell-bindingly sensuous in the mouth, an artisanal victual that deserves to be savored with love and care
  • Fact File: Oysters
    Oysters are exceptionally delicious and endlessly fascinating, with their myriad flavor profiles putting them—like wine—in the rarefied realm of foods to be savored slowly and with care
  • Fact File: Kurobuta Pork
    With all due respect to Wilbur from E.B. White's famous children's classic Charlotte's Web, the kurobuta is indeed "some pig."To be more precise, it is indeed some pork
  • Fact File: Fugu
    Contemporary connoisseurs consider the delicate flesh of the fugu to be amongst the most exquisite and exotic experiences to be had anywhere. On the flipside, fugu has a deadly reputation rooted in fact
  • Fact File: Wagyu Beef
    It melts on your palate like the most sublime foie gras, and leaves a satin finish on your tongue like a dash of smooth-as-silk whisky. To gourmands all over the world, wagyu beef represents luxury dining at its finest
  • Fact File: Caviar
    Demand for these shiny fine-grained morsels increased with the growth in global markets. Once reserved for the elite, this delicacy is now easily available, hence the reduction in supply


  • Guide: How to Buy Gin
    No matter how you like your Martini, shaken or stirred, one thing is for sure...the Martini is only as good as the Gin in it. Here's a quick guide to understanding Gin.
  • Guide: How to Buy Rum
    Rum is used in many of our most beloved cocktails but in the last few years it has begun to shed its reputation as merely an ingredient in cocktails, rising to prominence as a spirit to be enjoyed neat. Here are a few nifty tips in choosing the right rum.
  • Guide: How to Buy Beer
    Beer is the unsung hero for many on their Friday night visits to the bar but how much do you really know about beer? We present you with a few humble facts
  • Guide: Understanding Gemstone Cuts
    Dig a little deeper into the lore of diamonds and gems to understand the only factor that can be changed by the hands and minds of human beings: The cut
  • Guide: Trip to Madrid
    In Madrid, you'll find everything you need for a truly unique and exclusive trip. From fine wine and dining to five-star accommodations, excellent shopping, art, and culture, Madrid promises to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience.
  • Guide: Buying Wine for Investment
    As an investment category, fine wines are delicious in their potential. We seek out expert advice as Asian buyers change the landscape of collecting.
  • Guide: How to fold Pocket Squares
    Pocket squares are one of the most understated optional essentials for a guy’s wardrobe. Having begun as a mere piece of cloth used for personal hygiene, pocket squares have come a long way from being hidden to being displayed as a mark of sophistication. Read on for a little pocket square history and a brief guide on folding them.


  • Profile: Omega De Ville Trésor
    Welcome to the current stop on the Omega Co-Axial horological adventure, the Trésor collection. While you ponder on that name, you might also be interested to know that this is possibly the most classically beautiful of all anti-magnetic watches.
  • Profile: The Burberry Heritage Collection
    Fashion brand Burberry has long been emblematic of British history and heritage since its founding in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. Two iconic styles, the Burberry Trench Coat and Check Scarf, are at the heart of the brand's skyrocketing popularity.
  • Profile: Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge
    Infiniti paraded two variants its flagship Q50 sedan at a spectacular launch at the West Kowloon waterfront in Hong Kong. The Q50 - Best New Car at the Beijing Auto Show - took center stage, but it was the late arrival of its beefed-up sibling that ultimately seduced the eye of the more sports-orientated spectators.
  • Profile: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 42mm Collection
    2014 marks a new beginning for Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Offshore – a watch that first burst into the traditionally conservative luxury-watch scene in 1993. The new Chronograph 42mm collection is still as innovative, and rebellious as its predecessors.
  • Cocktail Hour: Erik Lorincz’ Primavera
    The head bartender of the Savoy’s illustrious American Bar jets into town to impart some of his wisdom at Flint Grill & Bar, where we try one of his signature libations.
  • Cocktail Hour: The Queen's Affair
    Eric Stephenson, head mixologist of popular cocktail haunt Lily & Bloom, whips up one of his complex concoctions for Riva Hiranand.
  • Cocktail Hour: Jalisco’s Asian Delight
    Joe Villanueva, the bartender at the W Hong Kong’s ritzy Woo Bar, teaches us a thing or two about Tiki cocktails

Insider's Picks

  • Insider's Picks: 7 Important Jeweled Timepieces 2014
    As 2015 gets going, we find ourselves under some pressure to commit on what we think in the area of 2014 gem-set watches, especially since have already weighed in on a few other areas, including most complicated and important tourbillons.
  • Insider's Picks: 6 Top Tourbillons 2014
    While 2014 is the year of the perpetual calendar, perhaps the most useful high complication of all, watchmakers have not forgotten the tourbillon. We present six watches featuring various different executions of this most complex mechanical timekeeping engines.
  • Insider's Picks: 6 Watches for Gentleman Racers
    Watches and cars can be exquisite matches, depending on your taste. Here are six timepiece/automobile pairings to get your heart racing
  • Insider's Picks: Three SS14 Trends To Try This Month
    With summer around the corner in the northern hemisphere, we look at three of our favorite Spring/Summer 2014 styles to try out first.
  • Insider's Picks: 7 Important Watches from BaselWorld 2014
    BaselWorld 2014 serves up a veritable feast of watches that give us hope for the future of timekeeping. Here are seven standouts (and a few notable mentions)
  • Insider's Picks: 5 Complicated Watches You Can Buy Today 2014
    While we do have an upcoming story on the highlights of the recently concluded BaselWorld 2014 show, we thought it fitting to first present five grand complication watches that you can buy right now.
  • Insider's Picks: 5 Important Watches from SIHH 2014
    The first major watch fair of the year, the SIHH 2014, reveals five noteworthy creations making their mark on contemporary watchmaking.