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Insider's Picks: 5 Road Raiders for Your Closet

Here’s what we imagine the men and women behind the wheels of the top performance cars of 2013 would wear as they hit the roads in their sweet new speedsters

The distinguished yet youthful Aston Martin Vanquish, one of our firm favorites for 2013

You may remember the popular piece we did listing our pick of the top five performance cars from this year's motor shows. Cars need drivers, so naturally that got us thinking about what breed of privileged lady or gent would be seen behind the wheels of these hypercars, and what (or "who", as they say in fashion-speak) they would be wearing.

Make no mistake, these vehicles transcend transportation. With speed and style prized in equal measure, we suspect anyone driving say, an Aventador would also give as much punctilious deliberation to the precise draping of their Charvet cravats and Giambattista Valli velvets. Think Lapo Elkann or even the imperious Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, the 18th Duchess of Alba...oh, imagine the joy to be had playing stylist to these lovely individuals!

The cars on our list have distinct personalities, so we imagine their owners to dress accordingly, too. The owner of the lithe, understated but powerful Aston Martin Vanquish for instance, might dress much like the Duchess of Cambridge would—classic with a dash of daring. Click through the slides for a dash through the top roadsters we picked for next year and why they deserved to be on the list, as well as what we think the people driving these cars would don on their respective joyrides. Ready? Off we go on our fun little exercise in sourcing clothes for cars.

Aston Martin Vanquish

  • Insiders Picks 5 Dashing Outfits For Top Performance Cars 2013The Ferrari fellow wants the spotlight; the Vanquish man lets him have it. The quintessential gentleman with an effortlessly lush wardrobe, we think this Salvatore Ferragamo ensemble has more than enough panache to get noticed on the wide open roads of the English countryside. As Massimiliano Giornetti later said of his collection, his Fall man was "not as flamboyant as the [archetypal] English dandy". Granted, the dramatic shrug, supple velvet blazer and leather gloves percolate opulence, but the somber palette tempers the showiness and keeps this look Vanquish-friendly. 
  • Insiders Picks 5 Dashing Outfits For Top Performance Cars 2013 1From the brand's classic "British Collection", we think it would be remiss for the Vanquish gent not to include a whimsical Paul Smith accessory in his outfit. This particular tie gets out vote for its finesse in incorporating both florals and color into one charmingly masculine neckpiece. Spun from silk and presented in a deep autumnal aubergine, the white embroidery is only evident up-close. Seen from behind the wheels of your car, onlookers will merely register your recondite mastery of restraint in raiment.  
  • Insiders Picks 5 Dashing Outfits For Top Performance Cars 2013 2Classical elegance is the Vanquish lady's game, but that doesn’t mean she shies away from colours and prints. It just means she knows how to keep to flattering silhouettes. Case in point: this breezy Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi ensemble from Preen's Fall 2012 collection. For starters, we love that horizontal salmon stripe across the crisp white blouse, which hints at the sporty motifs of the racing world, as well as the pert white ribbon cinching the waist. The skirt's lovely print is all Old English romanticism, taking a leaf from the pages of Victorian pressed-flower albums and Beatrix Potter’s botanical etchings. Finally, the pastoral theme is anchored with towering booties in mossy green suede, so that you emerge from your vehicle, leg-first, like a modern-day Elven queen.       
  • Insiders Picks 5 Dashing Outfits For Top Performance Cars 2013 3We reckon this blush nappa-lined box clutch from Zagliani would make a great complement to your Preen outfit, with the pastel hue echoing the print of your skirt and the circular whorls of the ring lizard skin making this a statement piece in its own right. Best of all, the choice of lizard shows you're willing to veer to the left of the overt ostentatiousness of croc, which is what a Vanquish woman is all about.
  • Insiders Picks 5 Dashing Outfits For Top Performance Cars 2013 29We make no secret of our affection for this brilliant British bulldog of a manufacture, so naturally the new Vanquish had a place on our roll call of rad rides. An up-to-the-minute marvel of metal with lustrous carbon fiber body panels mounted on a souped-up version of the British manufacture's bonded-aluminum monocoque, the Aston Martin Vanquish is also equal parts tradition. Indeed, a century’s worth of know-how is encapsulated in the Vanquish, a milestone car that the venerable carmaker has conjured up as a showcase of their all-round supremacy in design, engineering and technical flair.