Profile: Singapore to Zurich on SWISS

The words, “Made in Switzerland,” have always stood for high quality and craftsmanship. And now you can enjoy the same SWISS quality—at 35,000 feet

As our coverage of the world of fine watchmaking shows, Switzerland is a paradise of quality craftsmanship. With the country’s airline, that paradise begins at 35,000 feet.

Well, the SWISS experience begins on the ground, as all flights do and our previous story on the airline shows, they have that bit well covered. Ahead of the new SWISS flight service connecting Singapore with Switzerland May 13, 2013, we thought we would take another look at the quality of the entire SWISS experience.

This is the airline of Switzerland we are talking about so a certain basic assurance of quality is expected. SWISS promises friendly service and exceptional performance, which is only to be expected when one flies First or Business. SWISS First and Business though go an extra mile, so to speak.

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It’s a long flight to Switzerland – approximately 13 hours – so comfort is paramount. Of course, comfort is dependant on a good night’s rest so SWISS Business offers 2 meter-long fully flat beds with adjustable air cushions. On Singapore to Zurich flights, you’ll be able to sleep from the moment you are in the air and awake relaxed and refreshed in time for breakfast aboard before landing in Zurich. SWISS Business Class cabins also offer more privacy, which is a nice detail in affording better quality of rest.

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Arrival in Zurich is likewise relaxed and comfortable for SWISS First and Business passengers in particular thanks to the Arrival Lounge. Here you can refresh, relax and refuel with breakfast (if you preferred to skip the onboard meal). After this, it is a short hop away to the rest of Switzerland via the train station at ZurichAirport.

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Flight Schedules

SIN-ZRH departure 23.05h, arrival 06.10h, overnight flight

ZRH-SIN departure 22.45h, arrival 17.15h, overnight flight

This is a schedule so efficient, you can sleep the flight away—both flights, in fact. Very Swiss, isn’t it?


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