Review: Jaguar XF 3.0/SC

Does the Jaguar XF 3.0 S/C have enough appeal to attract new fans who have otherwise sold their souls to the band of usual Teutonic suspects?

In the charge of the mid-sized executive sedans, especially in Singapore, the usual suspects are Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz but many tend to overlook a slinky feline on the sidelines – Jaguar. We are guilty of this too as you can tell from the reviews and stories we have run in the last couple of years. Part of the reason for this oversight could be the common association of the brand with older folk, but the image of the marque has been shifting and getting ever-younger, or at least that is Jaguar’s intention. With that in mind, we finally got ourselves a Jaguar to test.

For starters, two feral supercharged variants exist in the XF’s line-up: a tyre-shredding 5.0-liter XFR and the 3.0-liter we tested. A mid-life facelift gives the XF a mean slant to its eyes, which are incidentally underlined by a row of LEDs for that intimidating thousand-yard stare. In addition to its revised aesthetics, the XF also sees a raft of under-body enhancements that should see its appeal, and hopefully its target audience, broaden immeasurably.

Review Jaguar Xf 3 Sc 3

Fans will recall that Jaguar first used the eight-speed automatic transmission in the 2.2 liter XF

According to Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director at Jaguar Cars, “The technical improvements introduced to the 2013 Model Year XF demonstrate Jaguar’s determination both to exceed the demanding expectations of our customers around the world, and our ambitious plans for growth in emerging markets. Through the expertise of our engineering teams, the Jaguar brand is in a stronger position than ever before to achieve those goals.”

Review Jaguar Xf 3 Sc

The LED slant of the headlights is mirrored on the rear-end in a nice bit of design cohesion


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