Here's Where You Can Go Diving Between Two Continents



You could be in two places at once… Literally.

According to Rüdiger Hahl, operations manager and guide at, the place gives a breathtaking look into the Earth from a geological point of view – a vista so spectacular, approximately 20,000 divers visit the area every year.

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Indeed, the deeper part of the crevice is an otherworldly experience, with the planet’s coldest and clearest waters that are so pure you could even drink it. Hahl refers to a 206-foot dive into Iceland’s Silfra fissure, where scuba divers risk frozen gear, hypothermia and even death, in the chilliest water on Earth.

Of course, in their full-body dry suits and thermal under suits, the divers might say the experience is worth it – the point where they can touch two continental plates underwater at once. You won’t find the same experience anywhere in the world. The majestic fissure forms part of the longest mountain range in the world, or the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

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“Sometimes the rays of the sun seem like bright light beams entering an area that grows darker and darker with increasing depth,” Hahl tells

You could take the dive of a lifetime across four of Silfra’s main dive locations – from the narrowest and deepest points on the rift on the Big Crack at half-a-meter wide and 148-feet deep, to the Silfra Cathedral, home of some enchanting lava rock walls. For a crowd-favorite, the Silfra Lagoon delights snorkelers with some vibrant algae. Tours are typically offered from May through September.

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