Soak Your Heart Out in These Edgy Bathtubs

Shades of Grey


Penhaligon, The Bridlington 59", $3,595

Despite being smaller at 59”, this baby Bridlington retains the sophistication of is 73" sister tub in sleek monochrome, with a gorgeously enhanced natural finish exterior, hand burnished to perfection. Find an individual character with each tub, offered by hues of deep maroon from the natural iron. Four coats of high grade clear lacquer protects the metal from oxidation.

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Total Stunner


Penhaligon, The Lanercost 73", $3,995

This stunning tub brings a gorgeous contrast in its shades of green and blue with a finishing that reminds of an old copper tub that has aged over many years, achieving a natural Patination. If one wishes to have a bespoke tub, personalization options include requests for more green or bluish tints, or even alter the intensity of copper hues.

Chill Steel


Penhaligon, The Tintagel 68", $4,985

A complete different route was taken with the Tintagel French Bateau tub where versatility means fitting into a modern loft while looking right at home in the French countryside. This bad boy brings the edge of exaggerated wear and tear, intensified of course (or even softened) with individual preference with a finishing touch of faux silver leaf and silver metal painted finish.

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True Classic


Penhaligon, The Knightsbridge66' 66", $4,995

Nothing beats a classic like this stunning white tub – a gorgeously contemporary, minimalist number with a touch of Romanesque vibes. It will sit right at home in a vintage surrounding as easily as it would a modern home – indeed, sophistication is brought out by the sheer simplicity of its wonderfully handmade exterior and sleek silhouette.

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