Born With a Diamond Encrusted Platinum Pacifier in Your Mouth


“Born with a silver spoon in your mouth” takes on a whole new meaning with this jewel and pearl embellished, never-before-seen pacifier made from four ounces of platinum. Made by the New York-based color diamond dealer Eyal Cohen, this lavish creation features a 10mm white pearl and a natural green-blue diamond for extra bling, to highlight his natural color diamond gift merchandise.

“Jewelers have got to figure out a better way to get customers back into their stores. The objects are unique gifts which are priced below comparable color diamond jewelry,” said Cohen, who owns Luxury Diamonds, Inc and

The two companies combine almost 30 years of experience selling rare, colored diamonds, and specialize in creating an assortment of unique jewelry pieces made from the best colored diamonds sourced from the world. Objet De Luxe was founded on Cohen’s inability to find unique or impressive gifts for their clients, so instead of endlessly sourcing for some, they decided to create some on their own.

Besides this platinum piece, the company also makes an assortment of jewel embellished money clips, key fobs, champagne flutes and sterling silver bottle openers.

“My objects are a wise choice for anyone seeking a memorable gift which could rise in value. Nature produces diamonds with an amazing assortment of colors and there are a lot of products which we can create with them as gifts, not just jewelry” he added.

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