Zeppelins, Locomotives & Submarines Adorn the Romain Jerome Steampunk Auto Black


Limited to 9 pieces, RJ-Romain Jerome’s Steampunk Auto Black timepieces have been enhanced with a red gold bezel. Using chiselling on the red gold, a complex technique requiring precision from "orfèverie", the bezel illustrates the poetic side of Steampunk features. Forming a circle, the bezel looks as if it is delimiting each timepiece and completes these models full of contrast between the black and golden colors.

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The Steampunk Auto Black’s bold 50mm black PVD coated-steel case holds a self-winding movement and a dial directly inspired by Steampunk aesthetics with elements such as the four functional pistons at 2, 4, 8 and 10 o’clock, the Roman numerals with RJ “rough” finish or the propeller-shaped small seconds. Introduced during the industrial revolution era, steam power is what defines the artistic movement Steampunk.

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The ornaments on the bezel are a testimony to steam engines: zeppelins at 12 o’clock, a steamboat at 3 o’clock, steam locomotives at 6 o’clock and a submarine at 9 o’clock. All machines are thoroughly portrayed and linked by clouds or steam coming out of the machines.

Each bezel has been carefully worked by hand, using different techniques: advanced drypoint technique as well as chiseling mainly used to texture and structure the background; and soft engraving to form the different shapes. The finesse of the bezel is emphasized by the strength of RJ-Romain Jerome’s Steampunk Auto.

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