Renault F1 Team Collection Chess Set


This collection is a dream come true for the ultimate gamer,
especially so for the gamer that shares passion for both the adrenalin rush of
Formula 1 and the classical battle of chess.

The pieces of this beautifully
crafted set are actually parts of the Renault car – the suspension, hubs,
uprights, wings and cockpit sitting.

The genuine engine pieces of titanium,
stainless steel, aircraft specification aluminium and carbon fiber have
literally felt the heat of Formula 1, and sit coolly on 64 squares of sterling
silver and leather.

A collector’s item for all the right reasons of
exclusivity, uniqueness, luxury and delight, the Renault F1 Team chess set
comes at a price of £21,000 (or approximately US$41,600) for the die-hard Renault
fan who can boast of having a real piece of a Renault car gleaming on their
coffee table. We have the latest exclusive pictures of the chess set for you
courtesy of the makers at the Renault
F1 Team Collection.

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