New Indian-Inspired Scarves by Hermes



Hèrmes has returned with their Autumn-Winter collection for 2008, with a stunning series of scarves that continue with the same theme that inspired their Spring-Summer collection: mystical India.

Featuring bold, contrasting colors, floral and geometric patterns, and traditional motifs like the elephant, the Coupons Indiens and Beloved India silk twill scarves are a reflection of the vibrant Indian culture.

India’s traditional crafts have also been incorporated into the maison’s latest designs, with a collaboration being born between the famed maker of luxury goods, and the Lesage embroiderers of India. The result is Shiny en Désordre, a reinterpretation of the iconic Hèrmes “Brides de gala” scarf in the form of a shawl in cashmere and embroidered silk, embellished with sequins and glass beads.

Finally, Hèrmes plays a humanitarian role by pledging a percentage of the sales of their latest silk twill scarf to help educate children in India. This piece is based on the floral designs created daily by the women of Kerala for the festival of Onam, and is aptly named Offrandes d’un Jour.


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