Texas' Scorpion Doesn't Sting

Ronn Motor Company, a new Texas automotive startup, is planning to build to a high-tech luxury sportscar that will run on a mixture of hydrogen and gasoline.

Dubbed the Scorpion, the Austin-based company unveiled a skeleton of the car’s prototype to the gathering press on Tuesday.

What differentiates the Scorpion from other hydrogen fuel cell cars is the car’s ability to integrate a “hydrogen on demand” system into its body. 

According to the company’s CEO, Ronn Maxwell, how this works is that electricity from the Scorpion’s alternator will convert the water in the car’s onboard water tank into hydrogen and oxygen.

The hydrogen thus produced is then “drawn through the air intake manifold and blended with gasoline at a ratio of 30-40 percent hydrogen”, the company’s press release explains.

This eliminates the need for a high-pressure hydrogen storage tank as hydrogen is generated in real time, and fed to the engine, as the driver is cruising down the road.

Ronn Motor Company partnered with Hydrorunner for the Scorpion’s hydrogen-gasoline hybrid technology.

Maxwell expects the car to be capable of achieving 40miles per gallon, powered by a 2009 Acura 3.5 Vtecg motor, with 280 hp or a 450 hp with twin turbo, and will have a six-speed manual transmission. 

The company plans to build 200 Scorpions this year, eventually increasing production to 500.


via Autoblog Green / Cnet


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