Opaque Gives Diners A Dark Treat



Bringing an ingenious European concept to American soil, Opaque in Southern California offers diners a dark treat, literally, with a "Dining in the Dark" experience like no other.

After his first foray in Los Angeles received rave reviews when it opened in 2005, Berlin native Benjamin Uphues now brings this distinctive approach to San Francisco and the W Hotel in San Diego.

Diners will embark on a unique journey as they enjoy a
three-course dinner picked from a special menu prepared by a local celebrity
chef, while seated in a pitch-black dining room. The pitch-black darkness forces sighted diners to
rely on their other senses – touch, taste, smell, and hearing – which makes for an
intense dining experience

A team of blind individuals, trained to serve in total
darkness, will ensure the comfort of their sighted guests throughout this
unique sensory journey, offering both guidance and reassurance. 

The standard three-course dinner is
priced at US$99 at all of their outlets. In case you might be wondering, you place your orders for your dark treat at the brightly lit lounge. 


via JustLuxé

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