Zoe Heels by Christian Werner



German industrial designer Christian Werner spent the large
part of his career conceptualizing and designing shoe shelves that would
display shoes in the best possible light.

However, what was to be a routine
shopping trip in Amsterdam on a fine day in 2006 birthed an inspiration and
desire in Werner to try his hand at designing shoes.

His idea was simple
enough: remove the bulk of the material in a normal wedge heel, leaving only
the silhouette, since it’s the wedge’s silhouette that is responsible for the
shoe’s allure.

The challenge, therefore, was to find a material that can
support the weight of the wearer. Werner experimented on aluminium, first
sketching out a cardboard model, and then a polished aluminium prototype, and
the Zoe was born.

At six inches tall, Werner’s “hollowed out” wedge Zoe heels
look like a tall order for any woman to walk in, but the open aluminium frame
makes the wedges look elegant and light on the feet.

And lest you still have
any lingering doubts, the leather straps that warp around your feet and ankles
not only provide additional safety, they also make you feel incredibly sexy.
The price for a pair of these limited edition Zoe heels? 2,500 Euros. 


via JC Report


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