Ice Hotel's Art Suites 2009



It may be at least three years from now before you can
actually book a trip to sub-orbital space as part of your stay at Sweden’s
infamous Ice Hotel but there are many other reasons why you should still check
in now for a short stay.

Every year, Ice Hotel invites artists and sculptors from all
over the world to gather in the tiny remote village of Jukkasjärvi to carve
one-of-a-kind suites and facilities from massive chunks of ice from the frozen
Torne River.

While the hotel is already inviting new designs for the 20th
Ice Hotel to be built next winter, its 19th iteration is open to
guests for lodging till 18 April.

Some of the fascinating designs this year include a
moonscape themed deluxe suite aptly named “Fly Me to the Moon” by Swedish
artists Bernt Westlund
and Tjåsa Gusfors, a
suite complete with starlight and a crescent moon by Japanese wood sculptor
Hiroyoshi Sakai, and a suite teeming with giant “mushrooms” by the Bulgarian
pair of Viktor Tsarski and Liliya Pobornikova.

There are also
suites modeled after a factory production line, the interior of a submarine,
and a Snow Queen palace.

Do pop by the
Absolut Icebar, designed
by the Anglo-Swedish duo of Mark Armstrong and Lena Kriström for post-dinner
drinks, which in this case, means vodka.

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Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi

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