The Prada Transformer Rolls Into Korea


Lying somewhere in the middle of the art-architecture spectrum, the Prada Transformer defies conventional definition. The Prada-commissioned mobile art pavilion is inventive and functional all at once.

Reminiscent in concept of fashion giant Chanel’s own Mobile Arts Pavillion, the Prada Transformer is the centerpiece of a five month-long programme of interdisciplinary art projects due to kick off in Seoul at the end of April, and as far as project space venues go, this is one that will be sure to turn some heads – literally.

Designed by OMA/Rem Koolhaas and supported by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Prada Transformer takes on different shapes and provides different interior spaces, depending on how it is flipped. The four sides of a tetrahedron: a hexagon, a cross, a rectangle and a circle have been combined into one ingenious, malleable pavilion.

Covered completely by an elastic membrane, the shape-shifting pavilion can be flipped by cranes to provide different variations of space for exhibitions, movie screenings, and live events. The first event to take centerstage inside the Prada Transformer is an exhibition entitled “Waist Down - Skirts by Miuccia Prada”, which opens on 25 April.    

Additional image taken from Dezeen.




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