Keeping Cool: The Macallan Ice Ball Press



Whisky aficionados give the thumbs down to introducing ice to Scotch whiskies of pedigree but the clever lads at The Macallan have come up with an innovative way of keeping things cool, literally.

What you see here is a device that turns an ice cube into an ice ball precisely sized to fit into the average tumbler. This single ice ball sits in the center of the tumbler, away from the walls of the tumbler, thus keeping it away from the warmth of the human body.

Watch the video to see the ice ball press in action

Of course, the ice ball will swirl about in the tumbler, coming into contact with the walls, but the spherical nature of the ball endows it with better resistance to melting. Regardless, the machine is very cool and uses two heavy copper plates along with the force of gravity to shape a block of ice into a ball.

Apparently, the idea for the press came from the tradition of serving hand-carved ice with premium spirits in Japanese bars.

The Macallan Ice Ball press is making its global debut right now so keep an eye out for it in Hong Kong at The Chinnery at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, and at Amber and MO Bar at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Just watching it in action will make you thirsty.

The Macallan

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