Tittot Thunderous Force and Five Tiger Forces



To welcome the year of the tiger, 2010, glass artisan Tittot has released its Thunderous Force and Five Tiger Forces Collections.

1209 Tittot 420 2
The Tiger’s impressive leap in Tittot’s new collection marks an auspicious start to the Lunar New Year. This collection is largely inspired by the prowess of the Tiger. Focusing on minimalism, it presents the Tiger’s majestic physical and spiritual forum, thus downplaying the traits of ‘ferociousness’ and ‘savageness’, which are terms commonly associated with the tiger.

1209 Tittot 420 5
Pieces in the collection include Winged Tiger, which is a limited edition piece, reflecting both modernity and confidence of the tiger.

1209 Tittot 420 3
Also in the collection is a set of Five Tiger Forces collection made of crystal, which showcases five tiger figurines representing ‘Victory’, ‘Prosperity’, ‘Wealth’, ‘Longevity’ and ‘Wisdom’, the aspirations and endeavours of individuals.

1209 Tittot 420 4
Tittot’s 2010 “Thunderous Force” and “Five Tiger Forces” collections are available exclusively at Tittot’s flagship boutique in Singapore.


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