Dictator's Son Rivals Roman With $2M Beyonce Fee


By William Stolerman

Whilst Roman Abramovich was hosting an incredibly opulent New Year's Eve party on one side of St. Barts, it appears Colonel Gaddafi's son Muatsim was busy going one step further on the other. 

He is reported to have paid superstar Beyoncé a fee of $2 million for a one-off show. The pictures are from the gig.

Beyonce Gaddafi_1

On the day that the singer and her husband Jay Z were credited by Forbes as the highest earners in showbiz last year (having raked in $110 million) you have to wonder whether they really needed the money. Maybe they just like him.

Muatsim Gaddafi is the third son of Libya's despotic leader Colonel Gaddafi and national security advisor to the Libyan regime. It seems he threw quite the private party, running into the millions and attended by the likes of Jay Z, Jon Bon Jovi, Lindsay Lohan and Usher.



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