Rolls-Royce Ghost Debuts in Singapore


By William Stolerman

Today the Singaporean spotlight fell on Roll-Royce's latest creation - Ghost. It marked the launch of the vehicle in what they hope will be an extremely welcoming market.

The four-door, luxury saloon is smaller but more dynamic than previous models. It is also the first in a new line of cars that is completely separate from the Phantom genus.

Rolls-Royce Asia Pacific Regional Director, Colin Kelly, said: “Ghost is a more informal design that broadens the appeal of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, combining refinement, new technology and contemporary style. It bears all the hallmarks of other Rolls-Royce cars, using the finest wood and leather materials and employing manufacturing standards which are no different to Phantom. Ghost will be built-to-order.”


Ms. Brenda Pek, Mr. Colin Kelly and Mr. Karsono Kwee

With the Ghost you get all the expected sophistication associated with Rolls-Royce but you also get the bonuses of new decade technology such as a 12.5GB hard drive for all you films and sonorous tunes, a 10 channel amplifier, 16 speakers, 2 subs, USB and auxiliary outputs and a couple of 9.2in TV screens sunk into the back of the front seats. Breathe out.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price is S$998,888 but that's before you start adding any options. Rolls-Royce offers night vision cameras, head up displays, lane departure warnings and coolest of the lot - 'Optional Comfort Entry'. This feature unlocks the doors when the key fob is within 1.5m. That is undeniably cool.

Ghost is the most powerful Rolls ever built. It rumbles on a unique 6.6 litre twin-turbo charged V12 engine and a new 8-speed automatic ZF gearbox. She churns out 563bhp, which is enough to get the small tank up to 60mph in just 4.7 seconds. Perhaps most beguiling of all, it wheezes out just 20.8mpg, which considering its class is highly commendable.

Production of the Ghost has already begun at their Goodwood base in England, and it should start rolling out in Singapore some time in the second quarter of 2010. Get saving…


Mr. Dan Balmer introducing Ghost.

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