Every Dog Has Its Day: Parisian Pooch Palace

If you're going to spend this much on your best friend and his accoutrements, you ought to make sure your treasured pet sleeps and eats well, too. Puppy de Paris, a newly launched line of luxury canine-related offerings by a group of Parisian craftsmen, has just the thing for you—a doghouse modeled after the Place Vendome.

Ex-fine jeweler Karin Fainas’ "Appartement de Place Vendome" features gilded doors crafted from a House founded in 1885, with an archive of fancy doorknobs and elaborate closures that stretch back to the epoch of Louis XIV. Other French artisans are in charge of the kennel’s plush upholstery, stretching and folding the canine couches' fabric coverings just so.

Other offerings in the line include "Le Canape Place de la Madeleine," a velvet bed hand painted with scenes from Parisian bakeries and fitted with lion's paw feet in hand-cast silver, and a baroque doggy bowl in gold-dipped bronze. Such extravagances come with a hefty price tag: about US$14,000 for the dog bowl to about $21,000 for the Haussmannian master apartment house. Chew on that!

Every Dog Has Its Day Parisian Pooch Palace 1

Every Dog Has Its Day Parisian Pooch Palace2

Every Dog Has Its Day Parisian Pooch Palace3

Puppy de Paris



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