New Faberge Eggs The First Since 1917


It's been a long gestation, but they've finally hatched: Faberge has released an exquisite new collection of jeweled eggs, the house's first collection of couture eggs since the Russian Revolution in 1917. The Les Fameux de Faberge and Les Frissons de Faberge collections of fine egg pendants have lightweight titanium bases encrusted with diamonds and precious gems; the most dear being the Diaghilev Egg, covered with diamonds and rubies and costing US$600,000 a pop.

These pendants pay homage to the legendary Imperial Eggs created by Peter Carl Faberge for Russia’s imperial family, the Ramanov’s. These new collections mark a historic comeback of sorts, after the Russian Revolution in 1917 brought an abrupt end to the Romanov dynasty and to the House of Faberge.

New Faberge Eggs The First Since 19172

"We bought the Faberge brand to restore the name to its historic glory," said Brian Gilbertson, chairman of Pallinghurst Resources, which invests in natural resources and is Faberge's main shareholder. In a press statement, Gilbertson also said they were commited to reintroducing the Faberge name to the international market.

New Faberge Eggs The First Since 19174

"A Faberge egg remains one of the truly iconic objects in jewellery history," Gilbertson said. "We are committed to reviving the true Faberge heritage and building Faberge into a world leading, fabulous brand."

The "Les Fameux de Faberge" clutch of jeweled eggs will be on display at Faberge in Geneva from July 18 to August 21.

New Faberge Eggs The First Since 19173


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