Magical Pyramids: Black Forest Mood Speakers


If you're throwing a fancy garden party, these ultra-cool speakers from the Black Forest range will be just the right decor elements to add both music and ambient lighting to your gathering.

Rr 900w Dsc 1982

Rr 900w Make01 Indoor Pr Green

Sculptural with their hard-to-miss pyramidal profile, the Black Forest speakers are rigged with LED lights which glimmer and glow in tandem with the music they're playing.

Rr 900w Radon Gelaender

Functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, the speakers boast three powerful wave transducers for high and mid-range frequencies, and two subwoofers that accentuate low frequency sounds.

Rr 900w Wasserfall Gruen

The speakers also serve as docking and charging stations for your iPod, and the multiple jacks and plugging options allow for integrating a large variety of modern sound players to the speaker set.

Rr 900w Sansibar

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