Preppy Old-World Gent: Chanel French Cane & Tennis Racket Set


Chanel French Cane 

We can just imagine ol' Uncle Karl—that’s Lagerfeld for you—pottering around his grounds wielding this old-school cane and idly watching Baptiste Giabiconi playing tennis with his model buds, using Chanel rackets and balls, of course.

The French cane, which used to be considered a sport in the XVIIIth century, has now been re-appropriated as an essential accessory in the refined gent's wardrobe. Embossed with interlocking Cs in graphic black and white and sheathed in quilted black canvas, this is an immediately recognizable Chanel object - and can be brandished as a stylish weapon, too.

Preppy Old World Gent Chanel French Cane Tennis Racket Set 3

Tennis racket and ball with quilted canvas case

For something more vigorous, consider a spot of tennis with the smashing new Chanel racket, also rendered in a starkly sleek black and white palette. Boasting the iconic double Cs patterned in white on black strings, this is clearly more fashion than sport. But if you're looking this good on the court, who's to complain?

Preppy Old World Gent Chanel French Cane Tennis Racket Set  

Tennis ball set with quilted canvas case


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