Vertical Ride: Jaguar Reconfigured into Bookshelf


The "Dutch Mountain"

How's this for the ultimate wallpaper? Amsterdam-based design studio Denieuwegeneratie has hoisted a vintage Jaguar up the wall to serve as a bookshelf for a mountainside villa, itself an architectural and design marvel.

The quirky nature refuge, dubbed the Dutch Mountain, is ensconced beneath a manmade mound of earth, and looks very much like a contemporary Hobbit home from the Lord of the Rings—a wooden cantilever is the only visible architecture in the landscape.

Vertical Ride Jaguar Reconfigured Into Bookshelf  1.

The bucolic surrounds are juxtaposed rather humorously against the sleek grey Jaguar sedan in the interior, which has had its guts removed to make space for books and other decorative knick-knacks. Head over to Dezeen to see more of the rather astonishing architectural details of the Dutch Mountain.

Vertical Ride Jaguar Reconfigured Into Bookshelf  1


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