DeLeon Tequila Arrives in Hong Kong


Best sipped neat or in a ultra-premium cocktail, the DeLeon Tequila is a definite for those who want a quality quaff.

Crafted at DeLeon’s distillery in Purisima del Rinconc, Gianajuato, DeLeon Tequila is made of 100% Puro de Agave Tequila. Characterized by its citrus and floral notes, DeLeon assures us that no artificial sweeteners are used in the process – instead the tingling honeyed notes are the result of it being aged in century-old Haute Futaie French Oak barrels.

The bottle is minimalist, uniquely squared and sleek. The front of every bottle is sandblasted with a DeLeon logo; a stunning metal top provides the luxurious touch.

Deleon Tequila Arrives In Hong Kong 3(from left) Corks for the DeLeon Diamante, Anejo and Extra Anejo

The Diamante and Reposado are adorned with a sterling silver top, while that for the Anejo is done up in gold. The only tequila in the world to present a cask-strength 102-proof tequila, the DeLeon Extra Anejo – or Deleon 51 for those in the know – is only offered to a select few and is – fittingly - capped with a unique gold stopper that has been aged with copper green patina for extra depth.

Deleon Tequila Arrives In Hong Kong 1The front of every DeLeon bottle is sandblasted with the house logo

DeLeon Tequila

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