Lupine Lounge: Wolf Shadow Chair by Duffy London

Industrial Goth Wolf Shadow Chair By Duffy London

Another day, another cool object of lust for our homes. Introducing the very intriguing Wolf Within Chair by industrial designers Duffy London. At first - or even third - glance, the chair appears to be structurally impossible: the seat is supported by only two front legs.

Go right up to it, however, and you'll find that the gravity-defying feat is achieved by the chair's wolf-shaped 'shadow', a stablizing base made of faux fur.

Industrial Goth Wolf Shadow Chair By Duffy London 1

Part of Duffy London's Brothers Grimm-inspired collection, the Wolf Within is wrought from scarlet powder coated steel, and will add a dangerous pop of color to your pad. The Red Riding Hood allusion makes this a great conversation piece - and will startle your kid as well!

Lupus Lounge Wolf Shadow Chair By Duffy London 2

Duffy London

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