Sleek Gear: Aston Martin X Factor Bikes One-77 Cycle


Dubbed the world’s most technologically advanced road bike, the Aston Martin X Factor Bikes One-77 Cycle is an exercise in both form and function. Not surprising, seeing as it's built by bf1systems, parts supplier for Formula One cars.

Packed with integrated motorsport-derived data-logging system, the One-77 Cycle was originally conceived as a training aid for serious athletes. Sensors are embedded within the rear wheel, which are then connected to the onboard computer, allowing the One-77 Cycle to monitor the rider’s performance. Meanwhile, the back-lit, high-contrast touch screen display delivers over 100 channels of data and is capable of storing 256GB of information,

Aston Martin One 77 Cycle 3 

The frame, seat tube, forks, brake callipers, handlebar, crankset and rims are fitted with ultra-light, high strength carbon fibre, while the addition of hydraulic disc brakes allows it to weather a wide range of conditions.

The design is a nifty mix of high-gloss lacquer and designer finishing, punctuated by generous dose of red: think bespoke leather trimming, stiched carbon fibre handlebars and ultra-bright LED headlights. Each bike is custom made to the buyer’s individual measurements.

As the name implies, and like its automotive counterpart, the groovy bike is available in a limited edition of 77 and will set you back £25,000. So buckle up fellas, for a guilt-free ride about town.

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