Spirited Summer Whites: Moët Ice Impérial



Spirited Summer White Moet Ice Imprial

It's official: the color for Summer is white. Case in point: French champagne house Moët & Chandon has even created a world-first—a white-clad bubbly meant to be enjoyed on ice. The first champagne concocted to be served with ice cubes, a bottle or three of Moët Ice Impérial will make your beach vacation with friends a very happy one indeed.

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The perfect solution for the dog days ahead, the Moët Ice Impérial has been billed as a ground- and rule-breaking tipple. Specially bottled to pack a powerful punch, the bubbly can be served in cabernet-style glasses with ice cubes, and its exuberant nature means that its luscious nose can be appreciated with cool condiments like mint leaves and cucumber slices.

Its pale-golden ambrosia cradled in a pristine lacquered bottle accented with gold labeling and a spiffy black tie around its neck, the Moët Ice Impérial is an object of carefree beauty and festive elegance. Time to pop the corks!

Spirited Summer White Moet Ice Imprial  2 Spirited Summer White Moet Ice Imprial  3

Moët & Chandon


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