Ultimate Bliss: The Horizontal Shower by Dornbracht


Dornbracht Horizontalshower2

Rain showers, move aside: if you've had a rough day and want nothing more than a good long soak, this gorgeous installation will allow you to wash away your troubles - while lying down.

Brought to you by fine German manufacturer Dornbracht, the Horizontal Shower one-ups the competition by simply being the most relaxing: what could be more therapeutic than having the pitter-patter of warm water fall on your back as you lie face-down? Elegantly designed, the six water bars that run the length of the shower block provide different shower effects: take your pick from jets that promise to offer equilibrium, energy and destressing properties.

The best part? The temperature of the slab on which you lie upon can also be adjusted via a remote control, transforming your everyday shower into a dreamy, spa-like indulgence.

Horizontal Shower By Dornbracht 2

Horizontal Shower By Dornbracht 5

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