Your Choice of Poison: Riedel Cobra Decanter


A clever spin on the phrase "poison of choice", fine crystal makers Riedel have created a sinuously gorgeous decanter, a coiled object that recalls the silhouette of a cobra.

The limited edition Cobra Verde comes in a strikingly patterned wooden trunk box, which you open to reveal a stunning magnum-sized decanter that stands up as a table centerpiece in its own right. Wrought from mouth-blown Venetian crystal, this exquisite objet d'art's most compelling design feature is a vivid swirl of green that runs from the mouth to the coiled base, outlining the "cobra's" body of sorts.

Your Choice Of Poison Riedel Cobra Decanter

The unusual coiled shape is supposed to be as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing: the whorls are said to induce a double-decanting effect on the spirit, allowing for a finer, faster aeration process for your precious bottles of aged and cellared wines.

A special release to mark the 55th anniversary of the reopening of Riedel's headquarters in Kufstein, Austria, just 555 specimens of this rare "species" have been released to collectors. Individually numbered and bearing the reproduced signature of Claus J. Riedel, we hope you'll put this beauty to good use—make sure the spirit within is as potent as your decanter's namesake!

Your Choice Of Poison Riedel Cobra Decanter 2


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