Travel Writing: Montblanc Hails Jonathan Swift


Another great gift idea for the festive season, this time for your friends with intellectual, bookish leanings: the lovely Montblanc Jonathan Swift Writerʼs Edition. An annual tradition of sorts for the German fine manufacture since 1992, this year celebrates the legacy of British-Irish writer Jonathan Swift, who will forever be remembered as bestowing upon the world the tale of "Gulliver's Travels".

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The design for the Jonathan Swift tribute draws inspiration from “Gulliver's Travels”, and in particular the Lilliput episode, Gullivers first voyage. The black lacquered barrel is embellished with intricate inlays reminiscent of the ropes used to bind Gulliver at the beach of Lilliput island.

The cap is molded from precious black resin, and shaped like Gulliver's tricorn–a typical tradesman three-cornered hat popular in the 18th century–and bears the signature of Jonathan Swift. A platinum-plated clip depicts the staircase the mayor of Lilliput had to climb to be able to talk to Gulliver. Finally, the instrument's rhodium-plated 18K white gold nib is engraved with a tableau depicting the imperial army of Lilliput marching between Gulliver's legs.

To accentuate the rarity of this covetable collector's object, an issue number is also stamped on the cap as a guarantee of the writing instrument's provenance. The Jonathan Swift Writer's Edition is available in Fountain pen, Rollerball, Ballpoint Pen and Mechanical Pencil at Montblanc boutiques worldwide.

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