Flexi-Future: Samsung to Produce Bendable Phones


If this holds up, we'll have our flying cars sooner than later: Samsung has announced that it will commence production of the world's first commercial "bendy", ultra-thin smartphones.

The first of these ridiculously futuristic looking devices, said to be nigh unbreakable as well as markedly thinner and lighter, are expected to hit the market by mid 2013.

The news add to rumblings in the technosphere that Samsung is also gearing up for the imminent reveal of what it calls an OLED display screen at next year's Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Unlike your by-now ubiquitous LED screens, OLED displays actually generate their own light source. What this built-in luminosity means is designers can do away with glass entirely: an OLED screen can be made of just about anything, from metal foil to polymer plastic. Again, the future appears flexible: OLED screens can be produced to make them malleable and anorexic to the point of ludicrosity.

Indeed, at last year's Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung displayed a prototype that was just 0.3mm thick and which could be bent into a cylindrical shape with nary a fuss. We're looking forward to seeing what practical applications this new tech will afford, besides being undeniable cool, of course.


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