Burning Lips: Gaya Fireplace by Safretti



Gaya, a bio-ethanol fireplace by Safretti is a striking centerpiece and a great conversation starter.

Imagined by Dutch industrial designer Roderick Vos Gaya is part abstract art and part fine furniture. At first glance it looks like a fine piece of minimalist art yet when lit up, features a mesmerizing flash of flame dancing against a sleek jet black background. Showcase as a standalone item or in pairs for funkier appeal.

Burning Lips Gaya Fireplace By Safretti 6

If Gaya is a tad too abstract for your taste there are plenty of other fireplaces to be had, including the Prometheus, one of Safretti’s more popular models, and the Cubico, which will inject outdoor spaces with contemporary flair.

Available from Kitchen + Interiors in Hong Kong. 

Burning Lips Gaya Fireplace By Safretti 4


Burning Lips Gaya Fireplace By Safretti 2



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