Sit on Jabba the Hutt: Maximo Riera Toad Sofa


If you're a Star Wars buff, reclining on this most unusual sofa might give you the toe-curling sensation that you're Princess Leia perched atop a hulking Jabba the Hutt...

A conversation piece if there ever was one, this two-seater Toad Sofa by Maximo Riera is part of the outré Spanish design firm's infamous Animal Chair Collection, specimens of which include a writhing octopus and dumpy walrus.

Sit On Jabba The Hutt Maximo Riera Toad Sofa 4

This nightmarishly oversized black toad is the collection's first two-seater, with the "breast" of the amphibian serving as the main front seat—so that the user effectively functions as the "head" of the animal.

Renowned for their attention to detail, the Toad Sofa takes an average of 11 weeks to manufacture. Each chair racks up about 170 hours of machine operation and 160 hours of workmanship to assemble, sand and paint the chair by hand, resulting in a curiously beautiful object with the startlingly realistic bumpy skin of a real toad.

Limited to just 20 pieces, the Toad Sofa is yours for about £55,000.

Sit On Jabba The Hutt Maximo Riera Toad Sofa 3

Maximo Riera

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