French Impressionistic Debacle: Renoir's "On the Shore of the Seine"


Here is a quick low-down on the fiasco surrounding a newly resurfaced Renoir…

Marcia Fuqua says that she bought it from a flea market for US$7. Matt Fuqua, Marcia’s brother, said that the painting has been in the family for about 60 years. When probed further he said that he is recanting his initial statement. When probed EVEN further, he said that whoever reporters spoke to formerly, was not him, but an imposter. Bernheim-Jeune, the well-known Paris art gallery, says that the painting is real. A certified fine arts appraiser said that Renoir’s “On the Shore of the Seine” is worth between US$22,000 to US$75,000. Collectors all over the world are saying that they want the painting. Auction house, Potomack, said that they would like to help sell it. The FBI said that it was stolen from the Baltimore Museum of Art in 1951, seized it and then turned it over to the federal courts.

Everyone seems to have something to say about this little painting that has come back from oblivion…except for the federal courts in the U.S. They have still not said anything. Though, we are sure that they too will indeed eventually say something about the Renoir.


French Impressionistic Debacle Renoirs On The Shore Of The Seine 1

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