Guard against aging: La Prairie Cellular Power Serum


Swiss skincare brand, La Prairie’s Cellular Power Serum offers a shield from the dreaded effects of aging skin. La Prairie states that the serum combines a revolutionary new Defense Fortifying Complex with the acclaimed Cellular Power Complex, which in turn strengthens your skin's natural defenses. In layman’s terms, it rigorously protects and rejuvenates your skin.

This dermatological wonder works in four phases:

  1. Sensing oxidative stress
  2. Protecting by scavenging free radicals before they can cause damage
  3. Restoring oxidised molecules like protein
  4. Eliminating irreversibly damaged molecules from the skin 

La Prairie’s laboratory seems to have done some amazing work coming up a product that acts like a battery, supplying energy to your cells to constantly renew the skin and repair existing damage. Urged by a consumer demand for an everyday-serum, La Prairie developed the serum to be used daily. The serum was contrived in conjunction with their Cellular Power series which includes the Cellular Power Infusion and the Cellular Power Charge.

Bodyguard Against Aging La Prairie Cellular Power Serum 2Bodyguard Against Aging La Prairie Cellular Power Serum 3

La Prairie

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