Lighter than you think, tougher than you know: Samsonite's Firelite Curv


Coveted by active and vibrant travellers, Samsonite’s Firelite collection has always been the go-to luggage for their fast-paced, adrenaline fuelled activities. The new Curv series from Firelite, combines strong, dynamic style with extraordinary lightness. We are not kidding when we say that these things are light. Curv’s cabin-sized spinner 55 weighs in at just 1.9kg and the spinner 75 weighs just 2.9kg. We shall now explain how this is possible. Beware, shop-talk ahead…

Using the revolutionary material manufactured by Propex, different layers of woven polypropylene fabric are heated and compressed to form incredibly strong and light sheets. These sheets are then carefully moulded to form the outer shells of the Curv. This material is known for its high energy absorption, phenomenal shock impact performance and ultra lightweight qualities.

Simply put, the luggage making sorcerers at Samsonite have used cutting-edge wizardry to conjure up an amazingly light and tough luggage series.

Lighter Than You Think Tougher Than You Know Samsonites Firelite Curv 1


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