Start your engines: Full Size F1 Racing Car Simulator


Sure, Sony PSPs are pretty cool and fun. So are X-Box 360s, and Sony Play Stations, and a plethora of state-of-the-art personal computers. If we were hypothetically playing poker with someone who shows us their hand with PSPs, X-Boxes, Play Stations, and ridiculously supercharged PCs, we will smile and reveal a Full Size F1 Racing Car Simulator. 

We would hypothetically win too. The Full Size F1 Racing Car Simulator by FMCG International is probably the best gaming device on the market. Built to look exactly like an actual, full-scale Formula 1 car, it even has a replica cockpit – yes, that is indeed where you will sit. It is fitted with three 23-inch TFT screens and a 5.1 digital surround sound speaker system. Instead of an engine it is powered by an inbuilt Intel Core i7 processor, an SSD drive for incredibly fast load times, a triple head graphics card for multiple displays and 16 gigabytes of RAM. That is computer talk for, “this thing is awesome”.

The full sized simulator also comes with real Pirelli F1 slick tires, Brembo or AP Racing callipers and a body made of carbon fiber and composites. Moreover its realistic aero packages include front and rear wings, a rear diffuser, side mounted winglets. Our favourite is the quick release steering wheel designed to look like an authentic F1 wheel, complete with paddle shifters. The simulator comes in red, black or silver.

Did we mention that it costs almost US$145,000?

Start Your Engines Full Size F1 Racing Car Simulator 2

FMCG International

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