Absolutely M.A.D: The Rhodium Birdfish by MB&F


This stunning piece from M.A.D Gallery is an expertly crafted one by luthier Ulrich Teuffel, the Rhodium Birdfish resembles an intricate work of art but it is also a fully functional electrical guitar.

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The handmade guitar features a two-piece aluminum body with interchangeable wooden tone bars, and sliding pick-ups. The tone bars, pickup and neck are all connected to a five-way switch, making this guitar not only a marvel to look at but also to play. The difficult construction means that only 10 of these can be produced a year, as Teuffel handcrafts everything to his specifications, including the screws! Teuffel had to use CNC manufacturing to ensure that everything was made to work just like a proper electrical guitar. 

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Technicality aside, the guitar is a unique beauty, inspired by the fluid movement of birds and fish, it features an exquisitely carved body made from aluminium that has been optimized for acoustics. Metallica's notorious Kirk Hammett is the owner of one of these, as is ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons. If you want one of these, remember that they are only 10 made a year, and one will set you back about USD$20,000.

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