Mad Hatters: Royal Ascot 2013


The Royal Ascot is one of Europe’s most famous equestrian race meetings. As the name suggests, every year the event is attended by the Queen and many other members of the British Royal Family. They arrive each day in a horse-drawn carriage before the start of each race day. As one can imagine, where there is State royalty there is also On-screen royalty, and usually at the Royal Ascot, the races are not main draw. Instead, folks tend to pay more attention to what the attendees are wearing…especially, on their heads.

It seems that the Royal Ascot is a chance for the attendees to go all out with flamboyant hats that go ‘big-bang-ba-da-boom’! From the more conservative ones that the Queen tends to wear, to the more the more outlandish ones that one would expect to find perched atop Lady Gaga’s noggin, the race grounds are teeming with hats of all shapes and sizes. Looking at some of the images of the festivities and hat couture at the Royal Ascot 2013, we cannot help but ask ourselves, “Who said that the British were boring?”

Don’t take our word for it, see for yourselves…

Mad Hatters Royal Ascot 2013 1Designer Larisa Katz in an outfit and a hat made from chocolate packaging

Mad Hatters Royal Ascot 2013 2Former heptathlete, Denise Lewis

Mad Hatters Royal Ascot 2013 3Danish designer, Isabella Kristensen

Mad Hatters Royal Ascot 2013 4Singer Katherine Jenkins

Mad Hatters Royal Ascot 2013 5TV presenter and conservationist, Anneka Tanaka-Svenska

Mad Hatters Royal Ascot 2013 6Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice


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