Apple mysteriously hires YSL CEO, Paul Deneve, for "special projects"


Something is brewing at Apple. And no, we are not talking about a pot of coffee. Apple has just hired the CEO of fashion house Yves Saint Laurent (now known as Saint Laurent), Paul Deneve. An Apple spokesperson stated that Deneve will be “working on special projects as a vice president reporting directly to Tim Cook,”. There surely must be more concrete explanation as to why a tech giant like Apple would poach over a major fashion brand’s CEO, other than just vaguely for “special projects”.

Incidentally, from 1990 to 1997, Paul Deneve used to be the sales and marketing manager at Apple Europe. Keeping this in mind, and taking into account that fact that Apple’s Senior Vice President of retail, position is vacant, one could presume that Paul Deneve was hired to fill that seat. retail is retail after all and Deneve would be a great choice for that role too, seeing as how YSL saw a 34 percent in sales last year (Deneve served as YSL’s CEO for only two years).

Many industry experts though are speculating that Deneve will be working on wearable tech or on premium fashion tech. Maybe we can expect stuff like an iShoe. Come on Apple, out with it! Tell us what you guys are up to already!

Apple Mysteriously Hires Ysl Ceo Paul Deneve For Special Projects.

Apple Mysteriously Hires Ysl Ceo Paul Deneve For Special Projects 1


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